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CNC and 3D printer designs marketplace

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Designers, Scientist and Engineers are those who inspired from nature to create more beautiful and efficient product and process for our home and lives.

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Ideas, tutorials and literature, Written by Members, that helps us to understand about their product or process, which may makes our life more beautiful and easier.

3d printed Temple in 3d jet v5
  • 3D Printer

3d printed Temple in 3d jet v5

   Inspired by Art Of Lining Foundation Vishalakshi Mandap, I have designed 3d Model and printed in 3D Printer. I have put this design to...


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3d printed Temple in 3d jet v5

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We Appreciate the member who have special skill, knowledge in their work, They inspire us to perform better and we start giving better results.

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3d printed Temple in 3d jet v5

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Member can exchange their thoughts and knowledge here. You can post their questions and get answers or replies from others.

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